Mission & History

Mission and History

We believe education can change a young person's life for the better.

Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) is solving Colorado's dropout crisis. CYC was established in 2005 in response to the alarming increase in the number of students dropping out of school in Colorado and the lack of capacity of school systems to reengage students who have dropped out or who are at risk of dropping out of school.

Because even one student who drops out is too many, we are committed to continuing this work through thoughtful partnerships, Reengagement, Educational Intervention, Attendance, and Futures Academy. The unemployment rate for those individuals without a high school diploma is nearly double that of the general public, and those that have dropped out of school are more likely to experience homelessness, live in poverty, commit crimes, and become teenage parents.

It is our goal to reengage Colorado students that are either at risk for not completing high school, or who have dropped out of school completely, by providing case management to build positive relationships, reducing barriers to educational success and coordinating academic support services, so that students will reengage with their education and earn their high school diploma or GED, thereby ultimately contributing to solving the dropout crisis in Colorado.

CYC’s programs and methods are proven to work. Based on research, our interventions create positive outcomes for our students and for the community at large. We strive to be an evidence-based, data-driven organization and recently completed our Theory of Change.